Mayday! How to Communicate and Prioritize Application Issues

Mayday! How to Communicate and Prioritize Application Issues | Airship Blog

Many people are surprised about what’s involved in maintaining a custom software application (what we call our Voyage service at Airship). We like to define software maintenance as a partnership to continuously improve an application – from repairing broken functionality and building feature enhancements to user testing and finding new opportunities for improvements. And like […]

Mining User Feedback for Product Improvements with Grow

User feedback is one of the most valuable resources we have for mining new product enhancements - See how we did it with the Grow Product at Airship!

This case study on the real-world application of user feedback for product improvements was cowritten by our talented crew members Kelli Lucas and Danielle Morgan! Imagine you have a great idea for a new product. You put hours, months, or even years into your idea; you research the market to see if demand is there; […]

The Pursuit of Something More: Excellence

Since I have started at Airship, it is more important to me and to us as a company than ever to realize that in order to grow as a whole, it is imperative that we also grow personally and professionally. We started to brainstorm about what exactly makes us who we are? What makes us […]