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Understanding UX Deliverables: Part 1

This is part 1 of a two-part post regarding UX Deliverables. Part 2 coming soon. Originally posted on Medium by Airship’s UX design expert and Mapping lead, Holly Reynolds, on February 16, 2019. Wireframes, prototypes, MVP, style guides… what exactly are these things? There are so many terms used today in the UX world that […]

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2018 Airship Chronicle

Last January, we released our first-ever Airship Chronicle – a look into our pursuit of excellence and performance in the year prior and our goals for the year ahead. We’re pleased to bring back for another edition before we go full-steam ahead into 2019! Check out our annual progress report from 2018 and what we’re looking […]

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What is an MVP in software development?

While the acronym MVP can have many meanings, be honest — your knee-jerk definition is probably, “Most Valuable Player,” right? It certainly is for me, and no wonder – we’re all likely to encounter this familiar phrase while going to school, participating in sports, and listening to the news. But when you hear a software developer or […]

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Scary-Good UX Design Examples for Mobile Apps

When it comes to mobile apps or software projects that users see and interact with, a poorly designed interface is a nightmare of a problem. When users don’t enjoy their in-app experience, they stop using your app. In fact, 52% of users said a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a […]

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