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Convert a React Native Project to TypeScript in 10 Minutes
  • Alex Hinson
  • July 18, 2019

Alex Hinson presented the following as a Lightning Talk at the 2019 Chain React conference, which was incredible, on July 11.  Intro Hey everyone! Thanks for coming out today. I’m Alex and I’m a developer at a great company called Airship based in Birmingham, Alabama. I want to first start off on a more personal note by saying […]

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App Store Optimization: A Helpful Checklist of Requirements

Imagine this: You spend all your time working to design, develop, test, and deploy your application the App Store and/or Google Play. You know your users will love it, you’ve done the market research, and you know for a fact it’s better than the competition. But what if they can’t find it? 😱 How can […]

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Software Development Life Cycle in 7 Steps
  • Katie Deck
  • June 25, 2019

Ah, the software development cycle. It’s the basic principle of building custom software. Unfortunately, the core definition can sometimes be lost in endless debates on methodologies and models used to execute software development.  It’s like trying to explain what a GIF is to your aunt. All of a sudden, you and your cousins are screaming […]

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Mapping Spotlight: Pure Game Sports Network

Why do companies invest in software? Often, it’s to either improve an inefficiency or seize an opportunity. Pure Game Sports Network wanted to do both: Build a platform to connect fans to the high school sports they love while creating a new, more effective fundraising opportunity for the high school athletic programs. Will Carter, one of […]

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