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What is an MVP in software development?

While the acronym MVP can have many meanings, be honest — your knee-jerk definition is probably, “Most Valuable Player,” right? It certainly is for me, and no wonder – we’re all likely to encounter this familiar phrase while going to school, participating in sports, and listening to the news. But when you hear a software developer or […]

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Scary-Good UX Design Examples for Mobile Apps

When it comes to mobile apps or software projects that users see and interact with, a poorly designed interface is a nightmare of a problem. When users don’t enjoy their in-app experience, they stop using your app. In fact, 52% of users said a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a […]

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React Native Mobile App Development for React Developers

At Airship, we build custom web and mobile applications for a wide range of companies. One of the benefits of working at a company like this is we get to try out a lot of newer technologies. A common problem we experienced was creating great experiences for mobile apps. In the past, we’ve gone the […]

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Watch Wyndy’s Journey Story

Wyndy Founder/CEO Tommy Mayfield shares his experience with using Airship to develop his innovative babysitting app. Wyndy is now one of Birmingham’s fastest-growing tech startups and has expanded to multiple new markets throughout the Southeast. Curious about developing a mobile app for your company or startup? Tell us about your project! Video Transcript SPEAKER: Tommy Mayfield, CEO/Founder, […]

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