Convert a React Native Project to TypeScript in 10 Minutes

Convert a React Native Project to Typescript in 10 minutes

Alex Hinson presented the following as a Lightning Talk at the 2019 Chain React conference, which was incredible, on July 11.  Intro Hey everyone! Thanks for coming out today. I’m Alex and I’m a developer at a great company called Airship based in Birmingham, Alabama. I want to first start off on a more personal note by saying […]

App Store Optimization: A Helpful Checklist of Requirements

Imagine this: You spend all your time working to design, develop, test, and deploy your application the App Store and/or Google Play. You know your users will love it, you’ve done the market research, and you know for a fact it’s better than the competition. But what if they can’t find it? ? How can […]

What is an MVP in software development?

While the acronym MVP can have many meanings, be honest — your knee-jerk definition is probably, “Most Valuable Player,” right? It certainly is for me, and no wonder – we’re all likely to encounter this familiar phrase while going to school, participating in sports, and listening to the news. But when you hear a software developer or […]

React Native Primer Workshop – You’re Invited!

You’re invited to join us for a FREE React Native Primer workshop! Learn the fundamentals and get hands-on training to build your own mobile app with this growing, cross-platform framework used by Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Tesla, Skype, and more. Airship will host and instruct this free introductory workshop — open for developers of ALL skill […]