How to Import a GoDaddy SSL Certificate to an Openfire XMPP Server

I recently had to update the SSL Certificate on an Openfire XMPP Server running on Digital Ocean. I thought this would be very straightforward, but after 2 days of fighting with it and digging through the terrible documentation, I finally figured it out. I thought I would share my experiences to save others the hassle […]

How to Update an Outdated Branch Without Creating a Merge Commit

So you have a pull request all ready to go, except for one small problem: your target branch has been updated and the pull request can no longer be merged cleanly. These video tutorials will walk you through using rebase to bring your feature branches up to date. The most common workflow for updating an […]

Hand-crafted Root Solver

When I was little, my mom often made the mistake of asking me to get some ingredient for her out of the fridge. She assumed, reasonably, that delegating a simple task like that would speed up her efforts to get dinner on the table. But. I had a simple approach. First, regardless of the needed […]

Object Oriented Parenting

Lessons in parenting from programming principles (or vice versa) Tell, don’t ask I have been working on a project Airship recently adopted, providing support and adding features. One of the new features brought me face to face with an impressively nested and contorted if-statement. I needed to inject some new logic somewhere in the thick […]