Set Sail

Hand-crafted Root Solver

When I was little, my mom often made the mistake of asking me to get some ingredient for her out of the fridge. She assumed, reasonably, that delegating a simple task like that would speed up her efforts to get dinner on the table. But. I had a simple approach. First, regardless of the needed […]

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Object Oriented Parenting

Lessons in parenting from programming principles (or vice versa) Tell, don’t ask I have been working on a project Airship recently adopted, providing support and adding features. One of the new features brought me face to face with an impressively nested and contorted if-statement. I needed to inject some new logic somewhere in the thick […]

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Get In It – A Guide to Contributing to Open Source Projects

I love contributing to free open source software. Throughout my career as a software developer, F.O.S.S. has helped me along. These projects are libraries in the classic sense — Athenaeums, troves of knowledge and learning. They are tools and building blocks that speed your projects toward completion. To me these open source projects represent boundless […]

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Life in the Fastlane

Unlike the Eagles song, the Fastlane automation suite “surely [WON’T] make you lose your mind.” Here at Airship, we have several clients with mobile needs. Deploying used to be a pain for us. The constant ceremony of navigating through XCode and Android Studio menus, ensuring environment variables were set just so, and creating builds on […]

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