5 Signs You Need Help From a Software Development Contractor

5 warning signs that you need help from a software development contractor

I have spent the last four years with Airship where we have designed, built, and maintained custom web and mobile software applications for a variety of organizations. During that time we have worked with clients in many different industries and areas of focus. Some of these include… Professional services / on-demand services Retail Construction Government […]

Five App Monetization Models to Know

Global mobile app revenue is projected to reach $188.9 billion by 2020, an increase of more than 200% from 2016. Last year, global revenue from in-app purchases was projected at a staggering $71.3 billion— it makes sense, considering that 98% of app revenue comes from free apps with in-app purchase options. But how do you […]

Why You Should Build an MVP and Not Your Product

Build for an MVP not a finished product - Airship blog

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a no-frills version of your product with the core features needed to solve your users’ problem and provide immediate value, quickly, while minimizing development costs. This early version of your product allows you to test your business concept before spending your life’s savings on a cat food delivery app. […]

Five Questions about Custom Software vs Off-the-Shelf Solutions

We sat down with Luke Richardson, Lead Opportunity Explorer at Airship, to discuss the common questions he’s asked when it comes to building custom software versus using an off-the-shelf solution.  When does a company need a custom software solution? If you’re a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, you’re likely going to want to own […]