How to Create Smoother User Experiences with React Native

Animations and gestures can create the most satisfying user experiences within a mobile app. They make an app feel smooth, fluid, alive, and high quality… common traits among the most popular apps. Without this level of polish, your app will struggle to stand out. Fortunately, a React Native app can be as smooth and fast […]

Beta Testing Case Study: Truckerbux

Beta Testing Case Study with Truckerbux - Check it out on the Airship Blog

Recently, our Voyages team (along with our UX/Product design crew) completed the first round of beta testing for a new app called Truckerbux. We thought this would be the perfect time to introduce a beta testing case study on what we’ve learned and our process. We’ve broken down how we conducted the test for Truckerbux, […]

3 Things You Need for a Remote Software Design Workshop

Airship Blog: 3 things you need for a remote software design workshop.

Airship is a remote-first company with clients and crew members across the country (13 states and 4 time zones!). Our first engagement with our clients typically comes in the form of a software design workshop (we call this service Mapping).  Software design workshops are used to help teams and innovators plan, wireframe, and design (either […]

Mining User Feedback for Product Improvements with Grow

User feedback is one of the most valuable resources we have for mining new product enhancements - See how we did it with the Grow Product at Airship!

This case study on the real-world application of user feedback for product improvements was cowritten by our talented crew members Kelli Lucas and Danielle Morgan! Imagine you have a great idea for a new product. You put hours, months, or even years into your idea; you research the market to see if demand is there; […]