Custom Software Design

Application design and planning, tailored to your business goals.

Design & Planning

At Airship, our UX and product design services for custom software applications are known as “Mapping.”

Mapping is an iterative process designed to answer the question “What exactly should I build”

Mapping out the product to be built is done through a series of workshops where specific activities are completed based on the type of product you want to have built. Each of the activities helps clarify the problem you’re trying to solve, the user experience, design elements, and determining core and non-core features.

Deliverables to you include wireframes, a detailed technical scope, estimates for pricing and timelines.

Who is a good match for design services?

You are an entrepreneur or a start-up and want to build an app from scratch working through the mapping process will help solidify your idea and make sure you understand who your users are and how they might use what you build.

You have existing technology and want to add or enhance to a system currently in use. We can help you determine the optimal way to build out a solution taking into account what you already have in place.

You have a team but you have projects that could streamline your business making it more efficient. We work with enterprise-level teams to create custom-built technology that is unique to your organization and that will last for years to come.

Start with: What problem are you trying to solve?

One of the activities we work through revolves around refining your problem statement. A problem statement is the key business problem that needs to be solved. In software development, it states “what has to be done” for a project to succeed. It does not say, “how it has to be done.”

We use the 5W’s + 1 H format as well as the SMART Framework when establishing a problem statement. In fact, you can draft your own problem statement by using our free download. This download will get you thinking through some of the questions and answers prior to starting your project.

How to incorporate UX and Accessibility into your design

We are committed to designing and building accessible software. The principles of Universal Design, while not a synonym for accessibility standards, give us a structured process by which to effectively focus design efforts in the planning stages of your project; they guide the design process.

You want all users to have an equal opportunity to successfully use your software product. Review the 7 principles that are foundational for accessibility design in our white paper.

Are you ready to build?

You have an idea and you’ve worked through or have drafted your problem statement. Are you ready to solve your problem and bring your idea to life?

Take our readiness assessment to determine what other pieces of information you need to gather or questions you need to have answered. We will give you a quick reply based on your answers but if you want to speak with someone about your results, let us know and we will give you a call.

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