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How to Leverage Digital Discipleship

On-demand recording available below!

Airship’s hosts Will and Crystal discuss 3 areas where technology can be leveraged to support a church’s unique vision and mission and work through how to develop a problem statement to better disciple people via technology. 

Webinar Overview

This event previously occurred on June 30. A recording of this webinar is available above!

In ministry, you know the importance of in-person engagement. Each interaction a member has with your church deepens connections and builds community.

The problem is that even with the return of in-person services, most congregations aren’t seeing in-person attendance at the same levels as prior to 2020.

Your congregation has grown accustomed to church online but in doing so are they losing the important connections that make a community of believers stronger?

You can increase engagement with members and nonmembers alike through technology. And, you can do so by doing more than streaming church services online.

In this webinar, we review the 3 areas we know technology can be leveraged and give specific examples based on our experience with some of the largest churches in America.

Examples of ways you can digitally disciple:

  • Create more meaningful connections via an interactive prayer app
  • Develop increased interaction with the Bible with online devotionals that match your in person messages
  • Understand and utilize the data you have to better meet the needs of your congregation

And, we walk you through how to develop a problem statement as it pertains to digitally discipling your congregation. A problem statement is a clear, concise description of an issue that once clarified, you and your team can craft solutions around. You’ll have a take-away with ideas to share with your team.

Your congregation deserves the ability to engage and interact in-person and online. You can disciple them in both places and deepen the bonds of the community you serve.

Download the Problem Statement Worksheet

Learn the best methods to craft a statement around the problems you may be encountering.

Used in our webinar (recording above) to discuss how other churches have creatively incorporated technology as part of their overall member strategy.

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Meet Your Hosts

Crystal Aya is an expert in software product design and user experience. She understands the importance of a seamless online and digital experience and has worked with two of the largest churches in America on design for engagement applications.

For the past decade, Will Richardson has been helping churches leverage custom technology to fulfill their mission. Before coming to Airship, he was a digital and innovation leader at a multisite church. Together, their perspectives provide a holistic view of how churches can leverage technology to make connections and increase engagement with their congregation.
Meet the Crew! Crystal Aya is a Product Designer at Airship, a custom software development company

Crystal Aya

Airship Product Designer

Will Richardson

Airship Opportunity Explorer for
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