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Understanding UX Deliverables: Part One - written by Airship's UX design expert, Holly Reynolds

Understanding the Problem

During discovery, we want to understand the problem you are trying to solve in order to prioritize the effort it will take to build your custom software.

This then gives us the ability to determine an estimate for the first eight to twelve-week cycle of work.

Having a deep understanding of your needs gives us the ability to provide a more refined scope and estimate. If you already have a product we will do a tech audit or tech feasibility before we begin any type of strategy session. This is to ensure that we are able to deliver to you what you envision.

Strategy Sessions

Strategy sessions are designed to answer the question “What exactly should I build”

Mapping out the product to be built is done through a series of workshops where specific activities are completed based on the type of product you want to have built. Each of the activities helps clarify the problem you’re trying to solve, the user experience, design elements, and determining core and non-core features.

Standard Deliverables include:

  • Prioritized key objectives
  • Main user groups and their jobs to be done
  • Prioritized functionality based on the likelihood of achieving objectives
  • Scope and estimate for 1 cycle of effort

These deliverables can take different shapes depending on the content within. Further additional deliverables may be necessary to ensure understanding and to better plan the effort it will take to complete in the first cycle of work.

Once we work through and develop an initial plan via strategy sessions, we can tell you how many potential cycles of work and an approximate cost of what it will take to build your solution. Then we begin to build!

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Tech Audit and Tech Feasibility

If you already have a product in place, it may be necessary for us to do a tech audit or feasibility study prior to strategy sessions.

You will want to know if there might be issues with integrations, feasibility in terms of cost due to current technology in place, or problems with building out existing software.

We will do a study to determine if there are any risks or issues as well as give you an approximate estimate so you can make an informed decision prior to beginning to build.

How to incorporate UX and Accessibility into your design

We are committed to designing and building accessible software. The principles of Universal Design, while not a synonym for accessibility standards, give us a structured process by which to effectively focus design efforts in the planning stages of your project; they guide the design process.

You want all users to have an equal opportunity to successfully use your software product. Review the 7 principles that are foundational for accessibility design in our white paper.

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