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Engineering Culture

Engineering Culture is at the core of what Airship does. We enable ownership and reward excellence by focusing on creating partnerships where we can work like product teams on behalf of our clients.

Why work at Airship vs a product company?

The Ability to Skill Up

At a product company, you often get siloed into working on one tiny piece of a larger ecosystem and you end up plateauing skill wise. At Airship, you get the opportunity to own systems and architecture end to end. Our diverse client portfolio provides many opportunities to touch and contribute to interesting problem sets. You’ll get the chance to creatively apply your skillset to solving real problems and witness the results of those efforts.

Our Product Focused Mentality

Even though we are not a “product company” we still have the ability to act like one on behalf of our clients. This means we get the opportunity to build custom squads around projects that include engineers, designers, Q/A testers and project managers. We are the trusted partners of organizations, large corporate companies and dedicated product companies. We tend to stay away from staff augmentation and seek true partnerships that allow us to use our deep skillsets.

More Career Path Opportunities

Airship is regularly adding new clients to and expanding the portfolio. This means that we often need to spin up new squads that will need to be staffed. We look for overlaps in the need to staff our engagements with growth opportunities for our engineers. The most successful engagements occur when we are able to line up engineer passions and interests with client needs.

Growth Minded

Airship wants our engineers to grow and expand into new roles. We have some pretty ambitious growth goals and that means growth opportunities for our engineers. We’re looking to empower individuals looking to grow into leadership roles and take on ownership. We expect all of our engineers to be continually learning and discovering new ways to apply their skills and expertise.

Team Focused & Humbly Confident

Airship is a collective of experienced software engineers who enjoy sharing their knowledge and helping others succeed. Our most successful engineers are able to multiply themselves by applying their expertise to blockers that others may be encountering. Pairing and working through problems with others is a common occurrence for our engineers when not working on code of their own.

Client Obsessed

Airship seeks to create remarkable and exceptional experiences that result in real change for our clients. We value individuals that understand our software is only as good as the problems it solves. This understanding allows us to work in an agile and iterative way. Each sprint we assess our efforts relative to our goals and adjust what we need to. We’re not looking for coders, we’re looking for visionaries and product builders who can code.

Technical Blogs

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