Our Guidelines

We collaborate, long term, with organizations that look to bring positive change to their organization or the world around them through beautifully crafted, inclusive, custom-built software solutions.

This means we seek:

  • Collaboration over task mastering, because you’re looking for experts with experience and perspective and value that experience.
  • Long-term relationships over transactional blips, because having a team devoted from the beginning through beyond leads to greater success for your business and greater fulfillment for our crew.
  • Impact that leaves a positive legacy, because the software we build is our legacy and we strive for that legacy to be one of positive impact that makes the people and place around us better.
  • Human-centered solutions, because we build software that enables users to add value to others through remarkable experiences using design, communication, and software.
  • Technology as a business driver, not a necessary evil, because technology put toward transforming your organization or a customer’s life leads to a positive legacy and more efficient relationship.
  • Shared representation, because the long-term success of a project depends on individuals who have full authority to make choices about what will be in the final product and how money can be spent to accomplish the goals.

From your perspective you believe:

  • Value is more important than the cost.
  • You want a team who can answer the questions you don’t know you have.
  • You want a team motivated to do the right thing that you can trust.
  • You want to be included in the decisions and have confidence that we can execute.
  • You want a team that will be transparent and collaborative so you see where your money is going and what you are getting.

From our perspective we believe:

  • We want clients that want the right solution to solve the problem of today, first, over time and cost always.
  • We want clients that allow us to be part of the planning process so we can use our expertise.
  • We want clients that see the product we are building as a business driver and not a necessary evil.
  • We want clients that want to leave a positive legacy on the world around them.

What are the benefits of choosing us?

  • We have a broad knowledge of building and launching products.
  • We are fun and easy to work with.
  • We think creatively about your problem and bring new ideas to the table.
  • We are professionals that look to bring transparency to the processes we follow.

Ready to get started?