Installing Magic City Stickers

1. Start a new iMessage conversation and tap on the iMessage App Store icon to the left of the text input field.

If you don’t see the 3 icons in the image, you may need to tap on the right chevron icon to expand these options.

2. Once the iMessage app pane appears, tap on the iMessage App selection icon in the bottom left. It looks like a 2 x 2 grid.

3. Tap on the Store icon on the next screen.

4. Once in the store, select the Categories item in the segmented control at the top. The tap the magnifying glass in the top left corner.

5. Enter “magic city stickers” in the search field and then tap the Search button on your keyboard. This should return the Magic City Sticker application and allow you to install it.

6. Now that the sticker pack is installed, you can repeat steps 1 and 2, but instead of tapping on the Store icon, you will select the new Magic City Stickers icon in the app selection pane. Note: The app may have been placed on another pane within you app selection pane. Be sure to swipe left until you see it.

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