From the Crew: “How would you describe the Airship culture?”
  • Posted: October 2, 2017

Every Tuesday, our crew has a team meeting to discuss company wins, announcements, and catch-up on each other’s lives. We asked for input on future job posts and how we could improve on recruiting. One goal was to let prospective applicants know what it’s like to work at Airship.

The feedback was overwhelming! One-by-one, our crew gave heartfelt answers describing their personal work experience and our company culture.

So to all the prospective applicants out there: Here’s a firsthand account of what it’s like to work at Airship from a few of our crew members in our different roles. To see all of our crew members, visit our About page.

Mark Kozlowski, Journeyman Builder:  We are a team of creators passionate about honing our craft, and we love working with people who share that DNA. We teach and learn from each other, share articles and resources, talk shop, and engage in witty, GIF-laden repartee. If you like to have fun, work hard and collaborate with your fellow crew members, then you are a likely fit for our culture.

Alex Hinson, Journeyman Builder:  The attention to detail in the culture at Airship is what really blew me away when I first joined the team. Not only have they created efficient workflows to cultivate an extremely effective remote-first team, but it has all been done in a way to truly bring out the best in everyone. I wake up every day thankful that I get to work with such an authentically great team.

Adam Aldrich, President & Co-Founder:  Culture has always been top of mind when creating Airship. We wanted to create an environment where “A” players can pursue excellence in everything they do. They needed to be given opportunity and surrounded by other people that can push them to achieve goals in a team environment. We want everyone to go to bed excited about what they accomplished that day and wake up excited about what they are going to do today. Our culture is Fun, Creative, Energetic and Challenging.

Luke Richardson, Opportunity Explorer Airship has created an environment of experimentation and building upon successes. We are very quick to try something new and then move on after failures or build out a process when we succeed. When you join Airship you will be given a level of authority that matches your level of responsibility. This is a rare thing in organizations and something that is very exciting about our team.

Sarah Brewton, Project Navigator:  I get excited to start work every day. You can do any job if you love the people you work with, and I enjoy working with every single crew member. However, I love the tasks I do too because our jobs are shaped around our strengths and what we are passionate about. Working at Airship is like eating a perfect chocolate chip cookie – gooey in the middle, crispy on the edges, the right amount of salt, right amount of sweet. I am challenged, encouraged, pushed, and celebrated. I also get to put my family first. We work hard and have a lot of fun doing it.

Danielle Morgan, Project Navigator:  Statistically speaking, you spend the majority of your week with the people that you work with. Something that I have always desired is for my work to be an extension of my family, and that is exactly what I have found here at Airship. We push and encourage each other, learn from one another, have fun together, and pursue excellence in everything that we do. When you wake up in the mornings and love your job your entire day makes a 180. It changes from the chore of going to work into the privilege of going to work.

Katie Deck, Market Cartographer The most exciting thing about Airship for me is its authenticity. So many companies fall short of creating a strong, positive atmosphere for their employees. The reason Airship is different is that nothing is forced or disingenuous. They don’t focus on culture because of some hidden agenda or because it’s what other companies do. They prioritize happiness because they actually care, which brings out the best in all of us.

Best way to describe Airship culture? Photos of our adventures!

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