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Alabama Outdoors



Alabama Outdoors

Project Type:

Basecamp Responsive Web App

Time Frame:

4 months

Basecamp is a responsive web app Airship created exclusively for Alabama Outdoors to improve company-wide employee communication and store messaging across all locations.

Alabama Outdoors has been a treasured local retailer here in Birmingham since 1975. They’ve also experienced tremendous growth recently with multiple brands and a large, growing geography reaching beyond state borders. They knew that timely and accurate communication around the various internal teams will be critical for operational efficiencies across store locations. Unfortunately, important information was getting lost or miscommunicated, even when using tools built by previous vendors.

That’s why Airship developed Basecamp exclusively for Alabama Outdoors. Basecamp is a responsive web app used to facilitate important communication between all store locations and all employees – office, store, warehouse, etc.

We chose Airship due to their experience with a vast number of technologies as well as a firm understanding and working knowledge of our main tech stack. We have plans for mobile apps as well as various other software projects in the near future. It’s nice to know that we can stay with one service provider to get solutions to many of our software needs.

Scott, Alabama Outdoors


  • Build administrative infrastructure so that Super Admins can configure settings within the application and Group Admins can manage their groups
  • Integrate user authentication with Google, as well as other Google Services (Calendar, Drive, etc.), widgets, and APIs
  • Provide dashboard to show all the relevant information to a specific user so they can easily see what information is important to them
  • Develop feature to track when important company announcements are viewed and read – message acknowledgments will be saved as historical data; announcements will be created at different levels and shown to users that match their specified level
  • This portal will be a website that is built mobile-first and responsive. It will be used on both desktop and mobile devices and will work on modern devices and browsers.

Technology Used:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • React Native
  • Google Services
  • Heroku
  • Amazon S3
  • Bootstrap