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ATG Distribution, Inc.

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ATG Distribution Sales Portal Mapping

Airship teamed up with ATG to create a platform that will give their team an efficient and easy way to create, request, and print signage. Sales reps for ATG needed a simple and effective sign request process to provide their customers with signage and placements in stores across various locations. Previously, ATG was using legacy software to make signs from templates.

Sales reps wanted to easily input information into a program that would auto-upload relevant information. ATG desired simplicity to make the experience better for sales reps, sign production, and success reporting.

The Problem

From uploading templates to signage requests, the team was frustrated with their current system. The time and effort to complete their jobs proved cumbersome. ATG recognized the need to create a system uniquely designed for their business.


The User

We focused on three main Personas: Admin Staff, Sales Reps, and Sales Managers. These personas helped the Airship team understand the main jobs each persona needed to complete. Using this information, the Airship team was able to create a User Journey flow that helped streamline the platform design.

ATG Distribution High Fidelity screen mockup #2

The Solution

After looking through the existing platform with the ATG team, we were able to abstract out the paths important for each persona. Our goal was to reduce the cognitive load necessary to complete tasks. The UI design solution sought to explicitly highlight the paths important for the tasks each persona needed to complete.

ATG Distribution High Fidelity screen mockup #3

About the Project

We took the advantages of the current system along with the personas identified and designed a new platform streamlined to fit the business needs specific to ATG.

The ATG team was a critical component to complete our design. We were able to get valuable feedback from actual users on the team and architect a platform uniquely fitted for its users. The design goal for this UI was clean and simple. We wanted the design and color to guide the user through the actions they needed to complete without distraction.

A look at the wireframes drafted for the ATG Distribution Mapping to map out their custom software project