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Project Type:

iOS & Android Application + Web Application

Time Frame:

7 Months

The client, both dentists, wanted an easier way to provide after-hours care for their dental patients in case of emergencies. One that was third-party, secure, and convenient to both the dentist and patient. To understand the costs and how their idea could turn into a reality, they used Airship’s mapping service and then continued working with Airship to design and develop their complete application called Loop.

Learn more about Loop, the iOS and Android mobile app and web app designed and developed by Airship

Loop’s founders are new to the start-up world and were in need of a tech partner to help create a solution to a common problem they and other dental professionals were facing. Our crew was able to find that we could combine third-party services coordinated with a custom backend, saving the client time and money on development (because over-architecting to over-charge clients is not cool, obviously). The solution became an accessible web app for patients, an administrative portal for subscribing practices, and a cross-platform mobile app for dentists. Dentists are even able to connect with their patients using a secure communication tool that doesn’t share personal contact information.


  • Design and develop an intuitive and responsive web app for patients to create cases
  • Design and develop a cross-platform mobile app for dentists to review and act on cases
  • Provide a web app for subscribing practices to review and configure service offerings
  • Integrate multiple third-party services coordinated by a custom backend

Technology Used:

  • React
  • React Native
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Third-party services: Twilio, OneSignal and Stripe