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Pace Logistics



Pace Logistics

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Mapping + Project Journey



Pace 360 and Drive by Pace Applications

At Pace Logistics, their mission is Serving and Improving Lives Through Logistics. Like all businesses, there are many moving parts that must work in synergy towards the goal of “missionf accomplished.”

One of those essential moving parts at Pace? The success of their drivers. For over twenty years, Pace has proudly built a trusted network of passionate carriers across various markets to fulfill their mission and promise to their customers.

In order to maintain their position as a leader in their industry, entice and retain customers, and add value for Pace employees and drivers, Pace needed to offer a comprehensive set of technology solutions.

Pace 360 Web Application – Routes Section

Airship’s first engagement with Pace Logistics was through our Mapping service, followed by a Project Journey to build their web application and mobile app.

Pace 360 Web Application

  • Goal of Web Application: Offer a single source of truth for customers to access KPIs, route information, support, and timely notifications about their business.
  • Pace’s priority is to offer a comprehensive solution for their customers. Their customers need a one-stop shop to see real-time, performance based metrics, KPIs, ETAs, and other critical information.
  • With the web application, Customers will be able to contact Dispatch, get in touch with Pace to request support or new orders, and rate their experience. This will help Pace offer a better customer experience and attract new customers.
  • With the Pace 360 web app, customers will be in the know about their deliveries, confusion around driver timelines will dissolve, and they will see Pace as a true partner in their business.


Pace 360 Web Application – News Section


Drive by Pace Mobile Application

  • Goal of Mobile Application: Attracting and Retaining Drivers
  • Pace also is committed to attracting and retaining Drivers with best of breed technology. Drivers also need a mobile solution to view route information, see everything about their business and relationship with Pace, and recruit other drivers to drive for Pace. The Drive by Pace mobile app will allow drivers to access information where they already are.
  • Overall, Pace wishes to connect customers, drivers and their staff using technology that surfaces tools and insights.


More screens from the Drive by Pace mobile application

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