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Serve App for Church of the Highlands



Church of the Highlands

Project Type:

iOS & Android Application + Web Application

Time Frame to MVP:

5 months

Serve Day is an annual volunteer event created by the Church of the Highlands with participants from around the world! Highlands needed a tool to better organize and prepare its leaders and participants for Serve Day using technology. The Serve app is the companion to help organize and promote Serve Day projects, as well as other community service projects throughout the year.

Serve Day App for iOS and Android - Built by Airship for the Church of the Highlands

The app is even available to other churches to help their congregations implement successful service projects in their communities. It can also be customized to their church’s brand colors for a more personal experience. From one of our builders, Eric Hubbard: “We knew React Native was capable of app development for both iOS and Android. Also, the service CodePush can be used with React Native. This service allows us to rapidly push out changes to apps in production, allowing for a quick turnaround for a bug fix or feature.”

Personally, I have never worked on an app that would be so widely used. The app had 200,000 total sessions and 31,000 active users in the month of July. It was extremely wicked to work on an app that had so many users.

Eric Hubbard, Airship Builder


  • Providing an in-app messaging feature for each project was a primary goal.
  • Integrating with Auth0 for sign-up/sign-in
  • Scaling application to allow the app to be white labeled for other organizations


  • React Native
  • Auth0
  • Twilio