Maintain & Support Custom Software

Ongoing support, maintenance, and enhancement for your custom software application

Ongoing Product Maintenance

It’s Alive! Once your application is launched, you enter another phase of development – maintenance and enhancement. Software is ever-changing and you will want to keep your product up to date and growing with additional features and enhancements.

Whether we built your product or not, our software engineers are able to take complex maintenance tasks off your plate.

3 Levels of Support

We understand that every project is unique and therefore needs different levels of service. We work within your budget to create a maintenance program that works for you.

Typically, ongoing support has 3 different levels.

Our basic level gives you support for emergencies and simple updates and bug fixes. You’ll be assigned to a squad and have a project navigator but we only do minimal tasks.

The middle level gives you consistent upgrades and the ability to make simple tweaks to your application.

For more robust applications, we offer you the ability to always be enhancing your product with new features and tweaking other features based on user experience and feedback.

Find New Opportunities for Growth

Ongoing enhancement and building out features can look a lot of different ways. Here are a few ways we can work with you to enlarge the scope of your application.

  • User research to better inform the growth of your product
  • Performance improvements
  • UI or UX updates
  • Compliance testing and updates
  • Building new features
  • Updating existing code base
  • Rewriting backend architecture
  • Migrating databases to new servers
  • And more!

Mining User Feedback

See how we collected user feedback to make valuable product improvements for our client and their users. 

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