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The Airship Software Development Lifecycle

How we leverage technology from problem to solution.

Custom Software is a Process

Whether you are starting with an idea or have a solution already in mind, Airship can design, build, or enhance a custom software application that is unique to your organization.

Through our 3 step process, we guide you from inception to launch.

How do we do that?

We begin by understanding your needs and goals. Then a determination can be made if we’re a good fit. Once fit is established, we begin a discovery process that allows us to have a deep understanding of the objectives you’re trying to achieve with your software. This phase involves strategy sessions, a potential tech audit and/or feasability study to determine how best to deliver a solution.

Following the discovery process, we will craft a plan that outlines how we will create your custom software application. At this point, we will refine the estimated project costs and timeline.

If the estimate meets your budget and timeline we move forward with the delivery stage of your software initiative.


Through conversations with you and your team we discuss your objectives, budget, and timeline to determine if custom software is the best solution to solve your problem.

Learn more about our collaborative guidelines, initial questionnaire and typical tech stacks utilized by our team.


Whether you are starting from scratch or leveraging an existing application, you will go through a series of strategy sessions.

In these workshops, specific activities are completed based on the type of software product you want to have built. Each of the activities helps clarify the problem you’re trying to solve and identifies key objectives.

We work together to plan for the optimum user experience and establish core and noncore features. We also provide a project estimate.

If you have an existing software product, we may do a tech audit or feasability study to determine fit.


Building custom software is complex and time consuming. It requires commitment and collaboration from you to achieve desired results.

Utilizing the strategy developed during discovery, our teams work with you to research, design, and develop your unique custom software product.

Communication and transparency are critical to keeping everyone aligned and on the same page. So, expect consistent progress demonstrations and status reports from your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it depends. Each project is unique but we know you need to have a ballpark estimate. Click here to read more.

Typically, clients choose a limited number of objectives that enables us to deliver the first release of a new custom software application in three to nine months. In order to determine a more specific timeline for your project, we will need to understand your objectives and core features. We accomplish this through our discover process. Learn more about our discover process here.

We’ve served a variety of industries over the years. Including but not limited to: Large construction, SaaS / Software products, Transportation / Logistics, Church Ministries, Non-Profit, Manufacturing, Automotive, Sports and Outdoors, Retail, Startup, Insurance, Education, and Healthcare. You can see more about the projects we’ve developed on our work page.

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