We build innovative custom web and mobile software solutions that help you solve problems with technology.

Design Custom Solutions

Whether you are starting with just an idea or have a solution already in mind, Airship can design, build, and maintain a custom software application that is specific to your business.

Through our 3 step process, we guide you from inception to launch.

We begin with design. It is critical to determine the exact problem you are trying to solve and for whom you are solving it as well as what success looks like before you initiate a project. This is done through our mapping workshop. This workshop consists of interactive activities with our designers and builders. The results include wireframes, a detailed technical scope, estimates for pricing, and timelines.

Build & Launch Custom Software Product

Once we’ve established the baseline for success and scoped out a product, we start to build. We use agile methodology here at Airship. What does this mean to you? It means that we work in two-week sprints with measurable goals set for each period. In this way, we can be nimble and shift if, along the way, your priorities shift.

Constant communication and weekly progress updates make sure that you know where your project stands.

Additionally, we have a client portal where you can see in real-time where your project stands as it pertains to budget and scope. This transparency means you know what has been done and what is left to be done, the time that has been worked, and the budget spent compared to your total.

Maintenance, Support & Feature Enhancements

It’s alive! Your software solution whether it be a mobile or web application, or both will need maintenance to keep it up to date and relevant for your users. Much like you install updates for your computer or phone, your technology solution will need ongoing attention. And, while your application is maintained there can also be feature enhancements, user research to improve user experience, design, and more! Airship understands that each project we support has unique needs when it comes to maintenance. That is why we have highly configurable agreements that are designed specifically for your needs.

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