Austin Jones


I’m a builder at Airship, which means I get to work everyday creating web and mobile applications. We get the opportunity to work on some amazing projects that help solve problems and impact the people that interact with them. Being a developer allows me to be creative, and it allows me to continually learn and grow. Here, we don’t stagnate. We move quick and learn new technology all of the time to allow us to be current and relevant as the industry changes. It is exciting to work knowing I will be pushing myself and becoming better every day.

Before Airship, I went to Jefferson State Community College and got my Associates of Science. I worked a few different jobs afterwards, but never really anything I was passionate about. My previous job was not a bad one, but it was night shift, my wife also was on nights, and we have a son so it made it difficult. The job was not something I was passionate about either so I decided I really wanted to make a change and started doing some tutorials online for coding. I was always interested in the idea but never made the investment in learning. I squeezed in learning whenever I could. So after learning on my own for a while, I got a hold of Adam Aldrich’s number from a mutual acquaintance and called him out of the blue. He gave me a chance like no one else had with my non-existent professional developer background. We met a few times and after a little while they gave me a job! I now work my literal dream job and could not be happier.

Outside of Airship I love spending time with my wife and son. We have a golden retriever puppy named Link, and a cat named Zelda. As you can see from our pets names, I love video games! I have for years and now I’m able to play them with my son which has been great. My wife and I like getting into binge worthy series and movies. Another thing for me outside of Airship is music. I love listening and playing whenever I can. I started playing drums when I was 16 and have been in different bands over the years. I will listen to a pretty wide range of music, and I do buy vinyl of albums I am really into so I have a nice little collection now. My wife and I try and make it to concerts whenever one of our favorites come through town.