Congratulations to Unosquare on 8 straight years on the Inc. 5000 list

Eli Marshall


I am a Builder aka Software Developer on the Voyage team. I get to work everyday building and maintaining web applications.

Before Airship, I was a freelance software developer working on projects ranging from jet ski companies to radio stations!
Before Freelancing I went to George Fox University, majoring in Civil Engineering with a minor in Architecture.
Some of the technologies that I use include Javascript, React, NextJs, Redux, Styled Components, Firebase and GraphQL. I continue to learn new technologies and advance my current skills.

Outside of Airship, the majority of my free time is spent hanging out with my wife Diana and son Jeremiah. They bring much joy and excitement into my life. In the past year I have been making programming tutorials on Youtube, which has definitely grown into a passion of mine. Go check it out! ( I enjoy teaching people what i’ve learned from my past experiences of being a developer. I also love to cook on the grill, I usually spend my weekends trying out new recipes or even coming up with my own.

Other things that I enjoy doing include sports, tinkering with electronics, and working around the house.