Josh Hubers


I am a custom applications developer (aka Builder) at Airship.

Before Airship, I worked as a software developer for an intermediate school district. I built web apps for schools, school districts, and the Michigan Department of Education. My responsibilities there not only including building the applications, but running the one-man “dev-ops” department where I learned a lot about cloud hosting and the multitudes of ways to host apps on AWS.

I worked in a machine shop before that working on “old school” desktop ERP software that still makes me appreciate web applications to this day.

I’ve worked on other side projects with friends such a CRM application for the transportation and shipping industry.

My core languages are C#, Ruby, and TypeScript/Javascript. I pride myself on being ambidextrous in the web tech world and love every step of the building process from the ground up.

My wife and I are going to be living out of a fifth wheel trailer starting January 2021. She is going to be a traveling nurse while I will be building cool stuff at Airship! We’re excited to hit the road and see the country even as a pandemic throws twists and turns our way.

In the free time I do get, I’m always looking to make our camper snazzier and enjoy building small “knick-knack” apps. I enjoy toying with new languages and frameworks and dabble in game development every now and then. Every day I wake up and look forward to learning something new.