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Lindsay Hannon


As a Journeyman Builder at Airship I love using my varied background of problem-solving, learning new languages, and design as a well-rounded foundation for software development. Working with different clients and multiple technologies allows me to engage in my passion for creating programs to solve complex problems and help businesses run more efficiently.

Prior to Airship, I worked with a non-profit developing data entry and reporting applications to improve operations. This effort lead me back to school for a Master’s in Computer Science at UAB. I graduated from the University of Alabama as a double major in Math and a self-constructed course of study I called Artistic and Language Studies. I spent my time in college developing in areas that I loved: math, foreign languages, and painting, but spent very little time considering career choices. It took me about six years, two continents, and the requisite stint as a barista to realize that my undergraduate studies provided a well-rounded foundation for application development.

I have a wonderful husband, Mikey, who is a Ph.D. Engineer and an equally qualified baker. We have spent a lot of time together tutoring, teaching, and creating programs to help young students engage with math, engineering, and programming. We have two adorable little Hannon’s; Kirby, who is a living unabridged NCAA sports encyclopedia and Lou, who will risk life and limb for a laugh.

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