Olivia Klohr


As a builder at Airship, I work to create beautiful solutions for our clients. While my primary goal as a developer is to create functional software that goes above and beyond our client’s expectations, in a perfect world, any software I develop is also beautiful, well-documented, and accessible to any person who will use it. My position at Airship allows me the ability to hit all of those targets, and it makes me incredibly happy to both exceed a client’s vision AND make software that doesn’t exclude anyone from its use.

Before joining the Airship crew, I was a software developer in the Healthcare IT space. I focused mainly on backend, internal tooling that was used to help doctors and nurses better care for their patients. I was heavily focused on search-and-index based solutions using Apache Solr, which allowed me to dive into a tech stack I’d probably never have gotten to use otherwise. Before that, I was getting my Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Missouri – Columbia. Fun fact – during college I worked at The Home Depot as an appliance saleswoman AND as a paint specialist, so if you need help with either of those things, I’ve probably got you!

I have so many hobbies and passions outside of my career at Airship! I love getting to spend time with my husband Dylan, our pup, and our crested gecko. I love cars (especially 1970’s muscle!) and am currently looking for my first project car to restore. I had originally gone to college to be an opera singer before changing my major – 7 times – and landing in Computer Science, so if you put on any music at all, I’ll likely sing along. On any given Saturday, you can find Dylan and I working on our house, building something, or drifting around Kansas City looking for fun things to do. When I’m not doing any of the above, you’ll typically find me reading the latest fiction novels or baking bread. Speed Round: PS4, Stardew Valley, coffee, boating, water skiing, lifting, hiking, volunteering, KC sports, obscure memes, DnD, and KC BBQ.