Raaj Baskaran

Project Navigator

I enjoy working on software products that have an immediate impact on people in a tangible and meaningful way. I love to work with teams that are passionate about what they do, remote or in-person. I work hard to improve and expand my knowledge about programming and software engineering every day by taking classes, reading, building projects, and by pairing on software projects with experienced developers. I was a full-stack engineer and now I help people and companies find the appropriate solutions to their problems. In my current role, I am a project manager and a product manager, focused on customer success.

As a Project Navigator at Airship, I am responsible for the successful implementation of software projects and post-sales customer success. My responsibilities include owning the project and the product, all the way from Mapping (Customized Design Sprints), Journey (Product Building), and Voyage (Product Maintenance).

My favorite parts of the job include coming up with the appropriate technology solution for our customers and being the go-to guy between sales, operations, developers, and customers.

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