What do I do at Airship? I’m proudly a software developer on the Voyage team.

A few other things about me in my role at Airship and career in building custom applications:

  • I love problem solving.
  • My dream job is currently working with our non-profit clients and building solutions for our clients that impact so many lives.
  • I love learning new things constantly and challenging myself!


A few things about my life before working at Airship:

  • I’m originally from Louisiana
  • Graduated from Louisiana College
  • Before Airship, I worked at a couple of non-profits
  • During that time, I learned numerous traits that has helped me today. Such as paying attention to the details. Caring for others needs. Never giving up. Being innovative to help come up w`

Outside of Airship, I love hanging with my family: Katie, my wife. Kruse, my son. Skylyn, my daughter. They keep me active. I spend most of my time with them.

Other loves include sports, camping, and cajun food.