What is a Voyage?

You have an incredible web or mobile application completed during your Project Journey… so what’s next? You’ll need a crew to maintain your software, make enhancements over time, and identify improvements for your users and stakeholders. Someone who is a capable expert available for system emergencies, too, because updates are inevitable. Spoiler alert: It’s Airship!

A Voyage is a monthly agreement where Airship provides software design and development services for your team using the amount of hours you specify. This may include identifying new features, improving the UX/UI, performing user research to identify hang ups and opportunities, general maintenance and development of your application, and more. We provide your team with a report of our progress and results each month to ensure complete transparency (the foundation of all great partnerships!).

Don’t have the capacity with your current team to scale product improvements or keep your software build running smoothly? Whether we built your application or not, our highly qualified and dedicated software engineers are able to take complex maintenance tasks off your plate and knock-out the user research and product improvement tasks you’ve been putting off for far too long. (P.S.: You can contact us here to start discussing capabilities for your project.)

Now that your app or software product is live, your next steps are to keep improving and growing. Our team of dedicated developers, product designers, and project managers can help you through the growth process of your application. Our product usability experts implement user research to help you to make the most informed decisions about product development so you’re spending time solving the problems your users face.

With Voyages, we can help you to determine just the right amount of hours to meet your needs. Our job is to make your life easier! One way that we do so is creating on-call emergency alerts to let us know if your system experiences any issues and act immediately on your behalf.

Find pricing estimates for Voyages here.

Voyages are also ideal for longer projects or projects with complicated backend architecture. They provide an opportunity to break up your project into monthly blocks that fit your budget.

Curious about what a Voyage project can include?

Here are a few examples of our many Voyage-style projects:

  • Conducting user research to better inform the growth of your product or application
  • Improving performance on large e-commerce platforms with zero downtime
  • Creating UX/UI updates for an app as you learn more about how your users are using the app or system
  • Compliance testing and updating systems for compliance reviews
  • Identifying and building new features or add-ons for an existing system
  • Updating code bases and bug fixing for updates
  • Rewriting entire backend architectures
  • Migrating databases to new servers

Don’t let your development needs, user research, and long-term maintenance weigh you down. Our qualified and battle-tested crew is ready to help your team navigate the tough waters of app development and improvements.

Contact us below to discuss your project needs and how our crew can be a good fit!

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