What does Airship really do?

The average person uses 9 apps a day and around 30 over the course of the month. How many do you use?

We have never been more connected to information and each other than we are right now. This statement will only become stronger tomorrow, next month, and 5 years from now. With the rapid evolution of technology in our lives (both professionally and personally), ask yourself this question, “is our company embracing technology and doing everything we should to remain relevant and competitive?”

We all can point to an example (or 100) of how technology and software (apps) have made our personal lives easier and more productive. Which leads me back to the previous question, “is our company embracing technology?” Perhaps a better question to ask yourself, however, is: “Why do we readily embrace technology and enjoy its benefits in our personal lives, but hesitate to do so in our businesses?” Or, “if these tools bring us great return in our personal lives, would investing in technology for our business yield the same great benefits and value?”

Business is constantly changing and evolving at a faster rate than ever. We’ve seen it locally with Shipt, a huge win for Birmingham and Alabama. Shipt disrupted the grocery industry and solved a giant need that none of us knew we had. Another great example of local innovation is Wyndy. Now available in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Mobile, Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, and Charlottesville, ordering a trusted babysitter became as easy as clicking a button thanks to Tommy and Ginger Mayfield’s app solution.

Change is coming, and in the world of software development, change is a good word and a great thing. Software can connect all of our devices and transform data into usable information in real time and that changes everything. Yep, that’s useful. That’s a win-win.

So back to answering the title of this article. You may have read that we work with forward-thinking organizations to solve their biggest challenges and execute on the most exciting opportunities. That description is 100% accurate.

At the core, we equip forward-thinking companies with custom built software that allows them to remain competitive and relevant at the highest level in a world that is constantly changing and improving. We develop software solutions from the ground up to meet your exact specifications and to provide the exact level of functionality and service that you need. No more workarounds, overly complicated workflows, or half-solutions.

If you are a business leader and have thoughts about how technology plays a role in the success of your business, we should meet. I can help you take a step toward learning how our team could provide value to your organization and put your plans into action.

Blake Greene is our newest addition to the crew!! He is an Opportunity Explorer and gif connoisseur, so drop him a line at [email protected]

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