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Meet Adam Aldrich, President and Co-founder of Airship, a custom software and mobile app development company in Birmingham, AL

Adam Aldrich

President & Co-Founder

As President and co-founder of Airship, I enjoy building great products with great people, solving complex problems in simple ways, and helping team members grow both professionally and personally. What excites me most is building teams that accomplish amazing things together. At Airship, we focus on serving the customer and help clients become more productive with our product solutions.

Prior to founding Airship, my co-founder Trent and I started Igniting, a development company formed to bootstrap a SaaS product for county government. In 2015, we moved this product into a new LLC called Breeze, where it doubled in size over the next 18 months. With the success of Breeze, and our founding team’s eagerness to continually solve new problems, we sold County Apps and Breeze to an amazing technology company in Pelham, AL in September of 2016.

My love for software development began at age 15 with a local software company called S&W Minicomputers, where I worked part-time building systems in BASIC, Visual Basic 6, and My passion for software grew and I after graduation from Oak Grove High School, I worked full-time during the day and attended college at night, graduating from UAB with a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Economics. After graduation I accepted a developer position at Daxko, working with other very talented people to build great software in a team environment. While at Daxko, I held positions as SCRUM Master, Team Lead and Director of Product Development. I learned how to organize teams and maximize efficiency by bringing out the best in people.

I’m blessed to have a wonderful family with my wife, Dixie and my three children, Caleb, Chelsea and Cara. We live in the Ross Bridge community and enjoy spending time outdoors. I love mountain biking, baseball, and all board sports: Wakeboarding, snowboarding, and longboarding.

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