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We design, build and enhance custom software applications

By helping you leverage technology to solve a problem.

What do you want to build?

Knowing the ins and outs of what problem you are trying to solve for your specific user group is critical to the success of any custom software project.
You need to spend some time working through your strategy, user flows, and even your problem statement. We can help.
At Airship, we offer strategy workshops and design services with varying levels of cost and time involved to support you as you determine how best to move your project forward. No matter which service you choose, you will receive an estimate of time and money on how we would recommend moving forward.
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We may be a good fit if:

You have too much to get done with too few resources

You need access to a specialized software design or development skillset

You’ve tried off-the-shelf products and it’s just not what you need

Technology is rapidly changing
and it can feel impossible to keep up.

You and your team are short on time, money, resources, or maybe all three. You fear that you may fall behind your competitors. Or, you may realize you are not meeting the software expectations of your customers. We Understand.

At Airship, we stay engaged with you over the entire lifecycle of your product. We’re a company built by software developers that have worked with large corporations and funded startups. We have helped hundreds of organizations just like yours stay at the forefront of serving their users and customers with software.

Our vision is to create transformational change for our clients through remarkable experiences. We’ve worked to craft a development lifecycle that makes you a collaborative partner in the building of your custom software product.

We begin with a conversation where we explore by asking questions. Once we understand what you are trying to achieve we go into strategy sessions. Or, if you already have a product, we will potentially do a tech audit or tech feasibility study to make sure we can realize your vision.

After strategy sessions, we move into the deliver phase. This phase consists of design, research, and development and culminates with the launch of your product.

Realize your vision through our collaborative 3 step process.


We discuss and evaluate if we are a fit then create a custom discovery plan based on our collaborative conversations.


Through strategy sessions, objectives you want to achieve with the product are determined and documented in your unique solution plan.


Through an iterative process, we build and launch your software. This includes: research, design and development.

Some of the companies we’ve collaborated with on solutions

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Review our Work

We designed and developed an intranet for internal use at BL Harbert, one of the biggest contracting companies in the world.

We helped Pace build a platform for their customers to get real-time updates on where their packages are.

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Meet the crew that is creating transformational change through remarkable experiences for companies just like yours.

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