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Deliver and Release

Build and enhance your custom software.


Once you’ve completed strategy sessions, you will enter recurring project cycles of design, research or development.

These cycles are broken down into two-week sprint intervals. Each sprint typically includes planning, development, and progress demonstration.

Work during these cycles is based on the objectives determined during the discover process.

Understanding Development

We understand that every project is unique and needs different disciplines based on where it is in the cycle.

Defining the disciplines within the deliver process:

Research – you want to understand the opportunities and potential of your custom software solution. We use various methodologies to bring clarity and value to current or planned work as well as getting needed product validation.

Design – this is where abstract functionality becomes a concrete experience. You and the product team will work to create a shared vision around the direction the app is taking and the experience it will provide to your users.

Development – building written code that produces working solutions.

Project Managers and Squads

Your project will be assigned to a squad that is led by a product manager (we call them Navigators) and a lead builder. Your squad will be uniquely built based on the needs of your project.

Building custom software is complex. Communication and transparency are critical to keeping everyone aligned and on the same page. You will receive status reports, and demonstrations, and have frequent discussions so you know where you stand.

Release and Launch

The initial launch is the first public release of your product in the world. After the initial launch, you can expect releases at the end of every cycle based on the objectives determined during sprint planning.

Find New Opportunities for Growth

It is important to maintain, update and enhance custom software. Ongoing enhancement and building out features can look a lot of different ways. Here are a few ways we will work with you to enlarge the scope of your application.

  • User research to better inform the growth of your product
  • Performance improvements
  • UI or UX updates
  • Compliance testing and updates
  • Building new features
  • Updating existing code base
  • Rewriting backend architecture
  • Migrating databases to new servers
  • And more!

Mining User Feedback

See how we collected user feedback to make valuable product improvements for our client and their users.

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