Custom Software for Nonprofits and Ministries

From mobile apps to data management integrations, Airship works to serve churches of all kinds and sizes. We help you leverage technology to better engage with your congregation. We have had the privilege of working with churches like Life.Church, Gateway, Church of the Highlands, and others. 

Tension & Solutions

We understand the unique challenges faced by nonprofits and ministries – not just with technology, but with your organization as a whole. After years of working with some of the nation’s largest congregations and a variety of nonprofit organizations, we’ve found there are 3 common opportunities where you might have a need for custom software. 

Some of the clients we have helped

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Recent Events & Resources

Recently, Airship CEO Trent Kocurek and I hosted a Q&A webinar to answer the most common questions we’re asked about as it pertains to custom software and ministries. 

Check out the recorded webinar here to learn more about the pros and cons of implementing a custom solution for your congregation and how new advances in technology can improve engagement. 

Ready to talk about your project?

Ready to talk about your opportunity?

Airship can help you integrate the processes and tools you use everyday into a custom solution built for the future. Whether you’re unhappy with your current platform or want something specific to your audience, we’re excited to work with you to find and build a solution.