Meet the Airship Crew! Don Townsend is a Software Builder at Airship, a custom software development company

Don Townsend


Don is a creator, code crafter, and professional problem solver. Don works across many stacks, swapping from the server to client-facing UIs including Web and Mobile.

Recently Don has worked on exciting projects including iOT technologies that use Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity for real-time device monitoring, integrated into accessible, easy-to-use mobile apps that feature elegant custom layout and design by in-house talent at Airship. Don is proud to work with such highly-motivated, talented, and service-minded teammates.

Don has worked a plethora of jobs, which include a mining facility, an automotive manufacturing assembly line, as a Jimmy John’s delivery driver, and in recent history, learned HTML, CSS, and Javascript and started leveling up in the land of code, starting with WordPress + PHP and landing squarely in Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and React web applications.

Recently Don has been delving into the world of game development on the Unreal engine, playing piano in a folk/jazz band and also as a solo jazz performer, exploring the great outdoors via backpacking, training for the next 5K or marathon, and catching up reading classic & sci-fi novels.